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Letterbook, LB-079

This letterbook covers the period January-May 1909. Most of the correspondence is by Edison, Harry F. Miller, and George A. Meister. Many of the letters pertain to laboratory work and supplies and to Edison's accounts with the Edison Portland Cement Co. and J.P. Morgan & Co. Numerous letters defer business for the duration of Edison's vacation in Fort Myers, Florida. In addition, there is correspondence involving the iron ore concentration plant in the Dunderland region of Norway; improvements in Edison’s alkaline storage battery; and the manufacture of batteries by Sigmund Bergmann in Berlin, Germany. Several letters detail ongoing progress in the development of Edison’s concrete house. Included is a letter in which Harry F. Miller calculates the expected cost of a six-room house, as well as a letter in which Edison explains how affordable housing can function as a means of social uplift for the working class. There is also a letter to Horace F. Parshall in which Edison describes a storage battery being produced for use in a General Electric Co. streetcar. Among the items relating to personal matters are letters regarding Edison’s family, health, finances, and charitable donations. Also included is a letter to William J. Dealy in which Edison reminisces about his days as a telegraph operator in Memphis, Tennessee.

The label on the front cover contains the following notation: "Thomas A Edison Personal From Jan 1 5th 1 909 To May 5th 1 909.” There is an inscription on the spine with similar information. The book contains 701 numbered pages and an index. Approximately 10 percent of the book has been selected.

Jan. 18th 09

My dear Mr. Dealy,

Case Sholes and also Korty were in the Memphis office at the same time I was there, they are both on the list of Military Operators. All that 1 can remember is that there were two wires and about eight operators, that Somerville who afterward became connected with the Associated Press in Mew York waa the Government Superintendent of Telegraph, that I got rations and sold them for seven dollars per month and that the manager of the office got flirting with the Cash and was caBt into a Military Prison.

There 7/as a Keno game in the Baptist Church and the whole town was only 13 miles from Hell; so if I was not a Military Telegrapher Operator I waa pretty close thereto.

Yours very truly, .

Mr. W. J. Mealy.

TJ. Tel. Co.,

198 Broadway,

Mew York City.



18th 09.

Edison Ore-Milling Syndicate Ltd.,

J. Hall, Junior, Esq., Secretary,

Pitzalsn House, Arundel Street, London, w. c. England.

Dear Sir:

I reiterate my previous statement that I have never received information from any source , especially the technical position to make my opinion any value regarding deslreability of dropping certain patents. Mr. Dick represented his own interest in the Company, and he has never given me one scrap of Information as to the progress of the Dunderlana project, or the Syndicates affaire.

I therefor decline to give any opinion on the subject of the patents as per your letter of the 4th instant.

Youtb very truly,

Jan. 19th 09.

The Diamond Drill Carbon Co.,

Bridge Arch 17 ( krankf ort St . ) ,

Kew York City.

Dear Sirs:

Yours of the loth instant regarding black diamonds received. Mr. 'Edison directs me to write you that he has had such bad luck with diamonds for drilling that he no longer uses them. We can do just as well with a Keystone drill and core extractor at one third the cost.

Yours very truly,



Arthur Williams, Boq. ,

55 Duane Street,

New York City.

Dear Sir:

Your, or the 14th instant relative to a riot to th. Laboratory by his. Ana. *■" MlB“

diroot. .. to writ. you that Klee Bow °*» «“• time, but it would bo advl.ablo for you to call up on the phone on th. day .ho prop.... to com. ov.r to «1» .nr.

that Mr- Edison is here. / '

Yours very truly , .


Jan. 25tli 09



I leave for Florida on February fifteenth, signed



Brentanon ,

5th A ye. & 27th St.,

. Hew York City.

Jan. 26th 190-

Deal' Sira:

Will you kindly ship to Mr. Thos. Port Myero, Florida the following booku:

"Safari" by Chapman

A.. Edison,

"Good Health and How We Won It" by Upt "American Tropics" by Corlett

"The Soil" by Hall

,on Sinclair

Also send to me at Orange, New Jersey your

catalog of books.




Edison Portland Cement Co.,

E. S. Bixler Cashier,

Stewartsville, No J.

Jan 21st, 09 o

Dear Sir: £-

We have yours of the 20th inst», and cb"^ for §10*8" for pay-roll was handed to Mr. Mallory on the 20th inst.

Yours very truly,


Jai. 22nd, 09


Jan. 28th 09,

Edition Portland Cement Co.,

W. K. Mason, Esq., Sup’t.,

Stewartsville , Hew Jeraey.

Pear Sir;

We are shipping you to day by freight the 36 inch stretched belt. Will you kindly notify me .on arrival of belt at the plant as Mr. Edison wants Greenley to go to the works as soon as belt reaches there, and make some testB on Bame.

Yours very truly,

^ SU*. Q.Jfljsgifiate.

Ass't Secretary.


February 1st 09

Wiaon Portland Cement Co.,

1?. H. Mallory, Esq., V. P.

Stewart sville , Hew Jersey.

Dear Sir:

Have checked up -the list of note* enclose with youro of the 29th nit. and find the following difference.

Ton do not charge us with note of October JOth 1908 due Tohruary 28th 1909 for #10,000.00; otherwiee the liet is correct and I enclose same herewith. Hr. Edison says the notea- should he for three years, but they are to be paid sooner if the Company can do so .

1 have sent the papers to Mr. Dyer for an agreement to be gotten out covering this point.

Tours very truly,

Jan. «9th 09,

Jan. ®*'th 09

Luigi Solarl , Esq., Pres* ,

Camera di Commercio Italians.,

203 Broadway, Hew York City.

Dear Sir:

Yours of the 28th instant requesting some circular letters relating to the concrete houaee received Enclosed herewith find one dozen of these circulars. Mr. Edison directs me to say that re-inforced concrete waB the only building that withstood the San Francisco earthquake and the Baltimore fire.

Yours very truly.


Geo. H, fcosetoan, Esq.,

176 Sea^ra!. Street,

Boston, Mass.

feow Sir:

Yours of the 2nd instant regarding ■Storage bfctteriea for automobile ignition received. Ur. Jaieon ■4J»«pta me to write you that the battery ^ reaay


Youtb vary tra&y ,


Shipping Illustrated Co.,

116 Produce Exchange ,

Mew York City.

Dear Sirs :

Yours of the 30th ult. received and in reply I beg to state that I understand that with the submerged bell, when worked by experts, that a vessel can be located almost exactly in a ten mile area. To do it electrically over a greater area you will have to correspond with Marconi, who seems to be able to do anything reasonable in this line.

Yours very truly,


?>bru*ry 3^-d 09

Surtan iRlllaM, Saq.,

J1* bi ^g, J(

BurJ^ijgfQo,, VffV ferjiey*

Dtt** Si*-:

Mr. EUbqh directs job to gypA ypy a for

*K» ■W Ttolob. X flttClWiQ herewith to h$ty ypu dprray 91Qm**t -on §o.coOat of you? tffOOM tUftW*

Y©y*i| VAry -tnfly.


Feb. 4t& 19Q9.

***■« Portland Cement Co’ ,

®. Kiefer, Esq., Chemist,

atewanaTiiie, yew Jewsey.

Iiear air:

^Mriog to your. „r th, 30th ^ n

** ** ~ xr *»»*» or »«t

Your 3 very truly.

Secretary., /

■}} i , * fff 'If " * ^f^T’ * :

▼. H. Mullins Co. ,

340 Franklin St . ,

Salem, Ohio.

Dear Sira:

Will you kindly send to »e at Orange your catalog of cornices etc- as advertised in the Architectural Record and greatly oblige,

Tours very truly.

She Brkins Studios,

305 Madison Aye. ,

Hew York City*

pear Sira:

▼All you kindly mail to me at Orange your catalog of classical mo dele a* advertised in the Architectural Record and greatly oblige.

I’e'b. 5th 09.

Edison Portland Cement Co.,

H. B. Kiefer, Esq., Chemist,

-Stewar tsvill e , Eew Jersey,

Dear Sir:

Jfr. Udiaon ha. give.»otlo». „t (> 05 '"*■ «a«™. i. „« rlm\

Yours very truly.


Secretary. 1


Burton Willard, Esq.,

B. P. D. Eo. 3,

Burlington, E. J,

EnoloBad herewith find Eew York draft for $439.62 to the order of J. T. Severn Sons & Co. covering their account against you. Will you kindly turn this over to them taking their receipt for same and forwarding this to u.

and .oblige,

Ybu xs very tmly,


Secretary* /


Feb. 5 tii 1909.

J . H. Wopd, Eeq. ,

59 Cortlandt St,,

Kew York City.

Dear Sir:

In looking over Mrs. Edison's policies I find that you have furniture at the house insured for $97,500.00 and the dwelling at $102,500.00, whereas it is supposed to be $100,000.00j^Will you kindly straighten this out and oblige, Ypurs very truly,




Pet. 5th 09.

Feb. 5th 09,

louig A. Scholz, 0sq. ,

care Consolidated Ice Co.,

Market Square , Boanoke , Va»

T* Dear Sir :

Yours of the 3rd instant regarding the doing away with the use of powder in coal mines received. Mr.

Bdiaon directs me to write you that, he thinks the only safe way to work coal mines is to do away with all explosives and fire. In Austria coal is gotten loose by filling holes With burnt lime., then water is added, the lime slacks and swells enormously and brings the coal loose.

A first class bright engineer should be able to devise mechanical means to work the coal loose, for instance t»y hydraulic press on the holeB.

Seoretaay. /

Yours very truly.

Y-evra of the eth instant regarding roller 'bearings for the trolley oar reeaireh. Ur. Mis on •diTects me to write you that he has mo objection to you trying out the roller hearings .


r!M* 1-:

*tb. J. T. Cooper.

Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Dear Madam:

Your letter of recent date received. Mr. Edison direct* me to write you that If some simple contrivance could he obtained to get drinking water from sea water, it would bB good in. a ship -wreck. They now distill hy beat «ea water on steamers to get water for bdllere and drinking ; but in case of a chip-wreck this would not avail a. man dinging to a spar or wreckage .

To help you along I enclose herewith Ur Edison'* cW-pV for #20.00, which he directs mo to sand you*

Your* very truly,


,-wpan"^ <5*"'

Frederick A. Wells , Esq* , 26 Court Street

Dear Sir:

Brooklyn* 2T. Y.

Vours of the 5th instant regarding the concrete hpuae received. In answer to your questions Hr. Edison directs me to write you the following:

* The moulds will he ready' some time thi« coming summer and that sir sets of moulds, all alike, will by changes give several variations to the house- Coat or one set of moulds Will he about $25,000.00 House to he oast for single family-- Caller, six rooms and bath. House will ooBt from 41000.00 to $1200.00 eaoh, according to locality* if six sets of moulds are used with the pouring machinery. -This will build 24 houBSB per month, you see it requires large capital to buiia cheaply."

If you want fuller information you better come

over to the Laboratory and see oUr enginears, Messrs. Harms & Small. Mr. Edison does not intend going into the business commercially, but only prove the idea.

3>r. J. h. Bxadshav,

2*1 High Street,

■Orange, S. J .

Dear Sir:

Replying to -yours of the 5th instant 1 "beg to return herewith the bin a -enclosed therein and would **y 'that the hill of the Edison Storage Battery Co. for ♦X7-42 -has been paid- This represents parte only that -were uped on your machine. 33m bill of the laboratory for #19 ,$% represents labor only on your jaachine. *>n« latter bill has -not been paid.

Hoping thle information 1* satisfactory, I am. Yours very truly,

-Secretary. /

S- S. She ottehlhe required a thorough overhauling which we burnished.

Enclosed find the three checkB mentioned in youra of Saturday to Mr. Dyer. Mr. Edison directa me to deduct $10.00 instead of $15.00 per •week, which 1 will do commencing March lBt.

Yours very truly*


To 1. Edison, Esq.,

Hotel Irving,




Stanley X. Qedney, Ebij.,

East Orange, If. J.

Dear Sir:

Peplying to youre ot the 6th Instant, Hr.

Edison would like you to aacertain for Mm the value of -the Company and the prospects of the stock of the Eorth American Transportation and Trading Co., of which he holds some stook.

Yours very truly,

Tvi -




Peb. 11, 1909.

Deutsche Edison Akkumulatoren Co.,

Drontheiinerstr . 35-38,

Berlin, If., Germany .


Your favor of January 25, 1909, is received, and under the circumstances I hereby consent to the following temporary modi¬ fications of the conditions of our contract dated September 28, 1905:

Pirst. During the period from March 1, 1909, until six months after the date on which my American company (Edison Storage Battery Co.) commences the commercial manufacture of the new type "A" battery with tube cells, payment of royalties under the contract is waived, but' immediately upon the conclusion of such period, royalties shall be payable on batterioB thereafter manufactured, as provided in the contract. I will duly advise you in writing when actual manufacture of nev; batteries is commenced commercially by the Edison Storage Battery Co. This temporary waiver of royalty payments is nude upon the express condition that you arc to immedi¬ ately proceed with the construction of the necessary devices and machinery to manufacture the new "A" type tube cell, in order that it may be put out as soon as possible, as I am now satisfied with it.

Second. During the period in which you are preparing the necessary special tools for manufacturing the new type "A" battery and in which your general, machinery is not occupied, I consent



a further modification of our contract to the extent tha-h you may manufacture, for the account of the Bergmann Electric W.'rks, Buch apparatus, part3 or devioeB for which your machinery may be shunted, but it is to be expressly understood that such manufactured product, e are not to be publicly sold by the Deutsche Edison Akkuraulatoren Co., and tho fact that such products are manufactured by the Deutsche Edison Akkumulatoren Co. is not to be publicly adver¬ tised or announced. Thin pernio oi on is also subject to the express condition that the manufacture of such other apparatus, parts or devices Bhall be discontinued at the end of. six months from the date when the new type "A" battery is fir on commercially manufactured by the Edison Storage Battery co. (the American company),- In' other - words, the distinct understanding is that six months from the date the new, type "A" battery is first made by the Edison Storage Battery Co. (the American, company) , all of the terms and conditions of the contract of September 28, 1905, shall again go into full force and effect.

S’e'b. 16th 09.



The bearer Mr. Howard C. Stephens has been employed by me for about one year. He leaves because he could not get along with some of my men.


Pet. 18th 09,

Mr. G. Stanley lee,

Northampton, Maas.

Dear Sir:

Yours of the 12th instant regarding your hook, "Inspired Millionaires" received, alee the hook came duly to hand. Mr. Edison directs me to write you that he intends licensing reputable companies to go Into the matter of erecting flower towns with the new scheme, restricting them as to profits. What he is trying to do is to permit the common laborer to get out of the tenement and live in a beautiful house along the trolley amid trees and flowers at the same rent he now pays, including trolley fare} and with a small extra payment give him a chance to own the house in time. This he conceives, will start him thinking and raise him up quicker than factory schemes and make him less bitter.

His experience has been that factory schemes to better mens conditiojOTeen libraries are failures and higher education^ th? Inboring man very little good. The only way you can put ambition in the laboring man is to place within his means a fine home.

"Yours very truly, , //

. S. Carhart, Esq. ,

Edison Portland Cement Co.,

Stewartsville , Hew Jersey.

Replying to yours of th$ 11th instant 1 teg to state that I have to-day forwarded a bill to Mr. Scandell for $160.00 for 160 cords of wood. I have adviBed him that upon receipt of his check for this amount, I would take up with Mr. Edison the question of whether he cared to renew the lease for another year.

I have also sent John Woolcock check for his expenses amounting to $12.24.

In regard to renewing the agreement with Scandell,

Mr. Edison says for me to use my own judgement. I thought it best before tieing up with Scandell to get his check for the amount he owes now.

Regarding the Seymour-Warden tract I beg to state that the check was sent to E. ¥. Standard, Brewsters,

Hew York; and also check to George Richert, bo this matter is settled up to date.

As soon as I have a reply from Mr. Scandell I will communicate with you.

’.'Yours very truly.

John Warmmaker, Esq.,

Broadway & 8th St . ,

New York City.

Dear Sir:

Feb . 19th 09.

Replying to yours of the 17th instant regarding rssponBibilty and credit standing of W. D. Edison received. In reply I beg to state that we think his credit is good for fifty -dollars , and we would have no heSltency in trusting him to that amount.

i •' /}■ '


Yours very truly,

'Peh. 19th 09


5th Are . & 27th St.,

Hew York City.

Deaf Sira:

Replying to yours of the 17th instant it is our desire that the magazines you are now sending to ICra. Thomas A. Edison, Llewellyn Park, WeBt Orange, be sent ■for the next two months to Mrs. Thomas A. Edison, Port Hyers, Lee County, Florida. Upon their return from the South we will adviBe you to again send them to West Orange.

Yours very truly.



Edison Portland Cement Co.,

W. S. -Mallory, Esq., V. B.

St o war t svlli e , New Jersey.

Bear Sir:

Hep lying to yours of the 19th inBtant regarding the various contracts which you mention* 2 would state 'that 2 fohttdu memorandum in Hr. Randolph’* paper®, showing he had delivered these agreements etc. last February to Hr- 33yer, hut 1 can find no record of them having been returned. 2 Will give thin inf ortnat ion to Hr. dyer's

and they -will, -no doubt , make a search Tor them down there .

As to your proposition to take one half of the contract of Page*®, 2'heg to state that $r- 3Bdi*on aid not mention this matter ht all, before he went away; unless -he did so to Hr. Sysr.

Ytrure very truly,

. J{ "t JiiMvv"


Quo anchor o Bridge Celebration.^

»r. V. H. WiliW, Jr., Pre8. ,

52 JaokBCn Ave., Long Island City,)

Dear Sir:

Haplylng to your Utter of the 24th instant making Mr. Edison to become a member of a committee on the Queenaboro Bridge Celebration received. Mr. Edison ia at preaent in the South and will not be back until acme time in April. It will therefor be ImposBible to do anything in the matter until that time.

Yours very truly,

<//*7 //ft

Jh Sj. v’frAAua^-


The Delineator,

Theo. DraiBor, Esq., Editor,

Butterick Building, Dew York.

Dear Sir :

Youra of the 27th ult. asking for a contribution for the Delineator received. J£r* Edison has gone South for a couple of months and does not wish to he -disturbed.

Yours very truly,


Secretary. /

March -4th 09,

Mr. A. O. Pettit,

care Edisonia Co.,

Newark, Mew Jersey.

Dear Sir:

Enclosed .herewith find letters frpn» Pitt and Spptt, ltd., regarding a package that has becpme lost.

Does this refer to the picture of the Honk? Have you had any infprmation regarding this matter, it has not been found up here as yet.

Yours very truly,



March 8th 08.

Cha*. R. Flint, Esq.,

Broad-Exchange ,

tow York City.

Bear to. Flint :

Yours of the 56th. ult. regarding the storage battery received. to. Edison directs me to writs you that if the batters' ’was hot far superior to any other ho certainly Would not make them. th*y are going to make submarines far more desirable .

Wfc are making a few storage batteries now., but will j*ot be ready to manufacture in quantity until the middle of summer; then you had better drop over and see Hr. Edison.

Yours very truly.

Secretary. /


March 9th =09,

Six* Burton Dillard,

R. S’. 3). Bo. 3,

Burlington, B. J.

Un*r Sir:

Enclosed herewith find Bow York draft for #131.20 to pay the carpenter and mason's bill, as mentioned las your letter of March. 8th.

With beat regards to yourBolf and your husband ,

I am,

Youtb very truly,,


March 16th 09

A. 0. Tetit, Esq. ,

ITew & Hals ay Sts. ,

Hevrark, Hew Jersey.

Dear Sir:

This is to advise you that the picture of the Monk h*s been found at Mr. Edison's house in «ood condition.

Yours very truly.



March 17th 09,

Alfred D. Flinn, Esq. ,

Engineer-Board of 'Water Supply,

-299 Broadway, Saw York City.

Bear Sir:

Replying to yours of the 8th instant Mr. Edison directa me to thank you for the report you Bent him, and ■ways that our experiments were for the purpose of getting a wix that would taking off forms quicker than

usual and get good strength. We use/more water you use in the list you sent.

Yours very truly,



March 17th

Thoe- A. Edison, Esq.,

Port Myers , Florida.

Dear Mr. Edison:

Enclosed herewith find two notes to pay the January account of the Federal Steel Foundry Co. for material supplied the United States Crushed Stone Co. and the Little Falls Crushed Stone Co., all of which is in accordance with terns. Kin&ly sign and return and oblige,

Yours very truly,


X \

March 20th 09.

E. E. Parshall, Esq. ,

Salisbury House,

London Wall,

London, E.C. England.

Dear Sir:

Yours of the 1st instant regarding battery was forwarded to Mr. Edison, who is in Elorida and the same has just been received with the following:

"Marshall - On my return from Elorida in April, I Bhall

.probably be in a position within a month thereafter to notify Morgan & Co. that I am satisfied with the battery and they can go ahead if they so desire.

(Signed) Edison.


Yours very truly,

March 20th 09,

Barshall :

I do not remember if I told you about the car that is being made by Brill and the General Electric Co. to go on lirOBsiown horse car line in Bow York, for the Third Ave. railroad receiver.

It ie a single truok car. Batteries under seats. The construction is different for the purpose of lightening it; it has trussed frames or sills and internal braces and everything lightened. They say car loaded will weigh eight tons with battery. Two hundred and twenty cells are to be -used and 250 volt motors.

The General Electric engineers are going to use five cells of battery around the field, which acts as a shunt wound generator, giving current back to battery on -stopping. They say they can pump back 0. K, at a speed as low as 2 3/4 miles an hour and guarantee an average of 50 watts per ton mile .

I am to put in the smallest Bize cell of the new battery that I make which is called A4; Bout nickel plates five iron, it gives 160 amperes and weighs 13 1/2 lbs. jb*y .propose to charge through a motor generator set in Car Barn. This will give about 100 miles or 150 with A6 cell. Itousr I can do my part, the question is can they do it with 50 watts; I see no reason why they can't with regenerator ae proposed. ^


March 22nd 09.

Dear Mr. Edison:

The enclosed hill is for a sidewalk in front of property at Silver Lake and has been approved by S. V. Miller. As the sidewalk is an improvement to the property I am of the opinion that' it should be paid for by you, personally; as you are the owner of the property. You have the privilege of paying the bill in ted yearly installments with interest at per year, but as the method would add considerably to the coat (at least 30^) doz£r-t you think it should be paid in full? If so please 0. K. and X will send check.

I enclose clipping from 'Newark Evening News with the announcement that Cook ■& Genung Co. would hfcndle Edison Cement in Newark and vicinity.

The shipments of cement this month, daily, up to the 19th average 3382 barrels .against 2400 barrelsj^etage

for the month of March 190B.

Yours very truly.

fp Thiq* A. Edison, Es q.,

Sort Myers, Florida,

Harch 22nd 09

Chamber of Commerce Mr. Chao.

of the City of Hew Tor*,

T. Qwynne , Abb 1 1 Secretary,

Liberty Street , Hew York.

Dear Sir:

Enclosed herewith find letter of V. J . Hfonahan, which accompanied sample of sapphire handed to the writer some time ago. Our sapphire man tested the sample and found ipiejn to be of fair to good quality, but too small to be used economically If the writer of the latter could furnish BtoneB of larger size, they probably could he -used to advantage.

Yours very truly.



March 24th 09

p* %gleston, Esq.,

care Thos. A. Edison,

Fort Myers, Florida.

Dear Sir:

I beg to enclose herewith express money order per your request of the 20th instant. Money order can be cashed at the Southern Express Co. office or at any bank, as long as you are identified. I have taEen this money out of your salary which I trust is . satisfactory.

Hoping you are improving in health and are having a good time, I am,

Yours very truly,

Secretary. /

eat regards from the bunch,

April 5th. 09.

Mrs. E. W. Martin,

422 St. Hicholas Ave . ,

Replying to yoursof the 28th ult . , I regret to say that owing to Mr. Edison's absence in Florida it will he impossible for me to do anything for you, as I have no authority to do so. However, I have taken the matter up with Mr. Dyer, Mr. Edison’s counsel and he tells me to- write you that it is very possible that the Edison Manufacturing Co. can give your daughter a position. -7ou' should therefor call on the Edison Manufacturing Co. at 41 East 21st St. and ask for Mr. Plimpton, who will be there Tuesday, April 6th between four and- five o'clock and he will see what he can do her. He may be a little late in getting to the office, hut if she will wait for him he will surely be there.

Yours very truly,


April 5th 09,

American Paper & Pulp Ass'n,

50 Church Street, Hew York.


Will you please latvus know what progress is being made in the matter of American paper like sample sent you on March 6th last.

Your favor dated , March . 9th mentions that information would he given upon receipt of our reply.

We believe the maker of such paper would eventually realize considerable importance.

Yours very truly, ,

Edison Laboratory.



Hr. R. H. Beach,

42 Broadway,

Bow York.

Dear Sir:

Enclosed herewith find letter from Mr. Henry S. Sook, Tivoli Hotel, Ancon, Canal Hone, Republic of Panama, regarding storage batteries for street ears. Kindly give the matter the attention you deem necessary and oblige,

Yours very truly.


April 7th 09,


Mr. T. J. Zimmermann, Managing Editor,

Chicago, Illinois.

Dear Sir:

Replying to yours of the 3rd instant regarding a picture of the building in which Mr. Edison's business career began, I beg to state that there has been no picture preserved. He however, started business in Railroad Avenue, in Hewarh, Hew Jersey, in a 10ft. If you will get a copy of the Scientific American Supplement for April 3rd and 10th 1909, you will find a very good account of the different lines of business in which Mr. Edison has helped, showing their growth.

Yours very truly,

April 7th 09.

Mrs. Burton Willard,

Rural Free Delivery #3,

Burlington, New Jersey.

Dear Mrs. Willard:

Yours of the 6th instant enclosing postal card from the express company referring to the lost shaft, received. I have taken this matter up with the express company and they have agreed to Bettle the matter at the earliest possible moment.

Regarding the painter 's^b ill, I beg to say that I have forwarded the dheckjto Florida for Mr. Edison's signature , to cover this ana expect it back in the course of a few days. Upon receipt of same I will forward to you.

Trust your husband will continue to improve and I will take the pleasure to come down to see you at the earliest opportunity.

Yours very truly,

. 1 •'



April 7 til 09,

fcaerican Paper & Pulp ABB'n,

50 Church Street, Hew York.