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O'Dea, Mark




[New York]












O'Dea, Mark



an advertising quiz.

First edi-

tion - August

1940, by Mark O'Dea .


York, 1940 J

1 p. 1., 70

p. 27f».

Reproduced from type-written oopy. "A companion book to "Advertising as a ca- reer" and "A preface to advertising."






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An Advertising Quiz

First Edition

August, 1940




A companion book to





Read foreword first

'"'im^f^'''' ~^'£:S^-':"'^ '



Columbia JBni'otv^itp


School of Business

"A D L A H D I A" An Advertising Qalz

First Edition ^ Auguet 19^0


MEirk O'Dea

A Coatpanion Book to

"Advertising As A Career*


**A Preface to Advertising"

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» 0 « * a a g 0 - ... I 11

0 , •-» '.» •• => 3 5J>J3

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I^n^t ^eok

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Read Foreword First

\jU^*^^^\.^c.^ ^'


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k t « t ( »

DOif'T Pgg

Questlone are on right band pagee

rererse. Read this foreword firet*


In the first edition of "AdTertiaing Ae A Career" there vas a questionnaire which included in addition to a fote on the most helpful and the least helpful chapters an inritation to readers to set down three questions which they would like answered* Much of this naterial was enployed in creating the second edition*

Also^ from the ensuing deluge of varied questions , came the idea of working out an Advertising Quiz*

Here it is ••• in its manuscript form* Here are 34 tests of 10 questions each* One may score 10 for each correcU^ answered question, or 100 per test* There are some multiple-part answers which permit a ftactional credit* For each test, 80 may be con- sidered perfect, 70 good and 50 fair*

The blank space at the right of the questions may be used for your answers*


As this is pioneering, I would welcome comments and suggestions for improTement* This Quiz is by no means perfect* It may be too difficult* However, adTertising people are si^>posed to know anoh and must be quick to answer a niltitude of questions* Others may say this Quiz is too easy* I seek a reasonable average* Some questions may well be replaced by better ones* If any are vague or misleading, they should be clarified* Tour suggestions will be a welcome aid in working out an iaqprpved edition*



Play Pair with Yourself

Mark 0>Dea 400 Hadison Ave*, lew York City


Copyright 1940 by Hark 0>Dea Printed in the U.S.A.



1. Are there any town criers today?


2. Since Advertising is a form of commtmication, rearrange the following media in their order of rank ly esqpenditure:

Badio IGLscellaneoiis Outdoor

General Magazines Farm Publications Newspapers Direct by Uedl Business Uagazines

3. If Lady Esther is famous for cosmetics , what Lac^jr is famous for bed sheets?

4. In analyzing Ibn. Wrigley's success in advertising, which one of these principles seems to have guided him chiefly:

(a) reason-irtiy copy

(b) spectacular claims

(c) (d)

(c) continuity of effort contests

5* Name five radio sets, once famous, now not made or advertised?

6* Name three items lately introduced by advertising?

7. What book containing nothing but advertising matter is read by more people than any book piiblished except perhaps the Bible?

8. Travel advertising during the past 20 years encouraged Americans to spend how much abroad?

9. Name three advertisers en^cying an institutional approach.

10. Ihat do these words stand for?

(a) Patapar

Cb) llothersills

(c) RevloQ

(d) Wearever

(e) Fostoria

:) darox

j) Vigoro

[h) Dobbs

(i) Duz

(i) Bosco

Answers to Test 1

1* Yes, In Provinoetown, Massachusetts.

Z. In order of eaq)enditure* for 1939:

Newspapers SSS^OOO^OOO

Direct ly J^ail 5CX),000,000

General 170,000,000

General Mags. 150,000,000

Business Hags. Outdoor Uiscellaneous Farm Public.

60,000,000 50,000,000 54,000,000 17,000,000

S. Lady Pepper ell

4. Continuity of Effort. His son, Philip K. Wriglqr, says: "Ify father was a great merchandiser. He built this Company on a foundation of consistent and effective sales strategy."

5* Atwater Kent Kolster Fada




De Forest General Motors Ware

6. Goodyear Air Foam Mattresses Da Pont Cellophane Visking Skinless Frankfurters Polaroid £ye Glasses Owens-IUinois Glass Bricks


Fibre glass Lastex F. M. Radio

7. The Sears Roebuck Catalogue^ Some 7,000,000 copies of the "big book" land on the Nation's doorsteps twice a year.**

8* U. S. Department of Commerce estimates it at five billion dollars <

9. American Telephone & Telegraph Co; Metropolitan Life InsTirance Co; Association of American Railroads: E, R. Squibb & Sons; Air Transport Association; United Brewers Industrial Foundation.

10. (a) vegetable parchment paper

(b) seasick remedy

(c) nail enamel

(d) aluminum utensils

(e) ciystal and glasswaire

(f) disinfectant

(g) fertilizer (h) hats

(i) laundry soap

(i) milk amplifier

♦Dr. L. L. D. Weld, Director of Research, McCann-Erickson Inc ♦♦Frank P. Baldwin , *


1. A puzaled bride wonders "What shall I take on my honeyaoon?'

(a) So I won't lose "ay school girl complexion."

(b) To not reveal "tattle tale gray."

(c) To make my figure like Irene Rich's.

(d) To avoid "gaposis."

(e) To indulge in a demitasse each night but not stay awake.

2. A puzzled bridegroom wonders: "What sheill I take on my honeymoon?"

(a) To counteract halitosis.

(b) To prevent nervous B.O.

(c) Ta overcome sleepless nights.

(d) To avoid embarassing social mistakes.

(e) To have that "smile of health."

3. What manufacturer employs advertising to introduce

such diversified products as hosiery, paint, explosives and fabrics?

4- Men are more often color-blind than women True or false?

5. If jrou're neither an Extrovert nor an Introvert, what are you?

Radio stations are licensed by the Government for periods of 90 days - 6 months - 1 year - 3 years, which?

7. Among advertisements offering self -culture, what headline appeeirs most frequently?

d. What is a most popular outdoor ad - a sign - that consists of merely a three-letter word?

9. In newspaper parlance, what is a "beat?"

10. Who's "Elsie?"


Answers to Test 2



(a) Palmolive

(b) Fels Naptha

(c) Welch's Grape Juice



a) Llsterine

b) Lifebuoy (c) Ovaltine

(d) Talon

(e) Sanka or Kaffee Hag

(d) Kan 7 Post's book

(e) Sal Hepatlca

!• In irimt advertised product do people pay for a hole?

YVhich one of these men saidx "The yalue of a thing consists solely in its relation to our nants."

(a) Henry Ford fb) Karl Marx {c) Raymond Moley

(d) Adam Sidth

(e) John Wanaaaker

(f ) Woodrow Wilson

3* Du Pont

4-* True

The adyertising of each 15^ package of the three leading cigarettes costs approximately which suat

i^ - 2^ - 4 1/3^

An ambivert.*

One year. This is a most recent revision of F.C.C. rules fdiich will supplant the six months' licenses previously issued •♦*

4.* Out of 3>072 counties in the Ibiited States, less

than 200 contain 50 percent of all employed workers* True or false?

5* Which state leads in toted inccMe from manufacturing?

7* "Do you make these mistakes in English?"

8. EAT the popular restaurant sign.***

9. The publication of a story by a newspaper sooner than by a competitor.

10. The widely advertised Borden cow. Now 10,000 electric lamps let her cavort as a Broadway star on a Times Square sign.

Instalment selling originated in the United States. True or false?

7* What new product is being advertised that "transmits light around comers" and makes furniture that looks like glass?

8* What company took over Jell-0 when it was selling at 12^ per package and has advertised it down to 6# a package?

See discussion in Chapter 20, "Advertising as a Career" on Extroverts, ambiverts and introverts Printers' Ink Monthly *** A Preface to Advertising, page 187

9* For what main evil can consumers be blamed as eco- nomically wasteful in making purchases at stores, especially department and specialty stores?

10. Who fortnerly advertised:

(a) "I'd walk a mile for a

(b) "Ask Dad, he knows."


Answers to Test 3

1. Life Savers "the C€Lndy mint with the hole."

2. (b) Karl Marx

3* Less than

4.* True. An important consideration for marketiag men.*

5* New York

6. False. It originated in France OTer a century ago.

?• Lucite, the new plastic.


1, Name 3 things we didn't have 10 years ago.

2. If you're answering these questions with a lead pencil, how nruch lead is there in your pencil?

3. How many new customers change the advertising market every day?

Replace these pretentious words with simple two or three-letter words:

(a) obtain

(b) purchase

(c) inquire

(d) destination

(e) prevaricate

(f) perceive

(g) rapture (h) masticate (i) compensation (J) assert

5. What is a "diammy?"

6. Stainless steel was invented within the past 15 years. True or false?

8* General Foods.

9. Returned goods 30^6 "wrong size" asked for by customers, Waste computed at $1,000,000 daily.

7. Instead of wooden Indians, what sign is used to advertise tobacco shops in the Orient?

8. Ivory Soap "It Floats" ... why?

10. (a) Camel (b) Fatima

9. The oldest periodical in the world is "Les Petites Affiches," of Paris. It was started in nhat year 1512, 1612, 1712, 1812?

10. What is an "em" and an "en"?

Printers' Ink Monthly



Anewers to Test JL

!• Orerseas air earvice, airplane Bleepers, glass building blocks,

telsTision, synthetic rubber, fluorescent lighting, synthetic Titaains and hormones, streamline trains, polaroid glass*

2. Hone* It's plumbago, that is, graphite and clay*

5,000 per day counting births every 12 seconds, deaths ererj 24. seconds and immigrations every 2 seconds, the Department of Commerce estimates that there is a net gain of one person eveiy 20 seconds**


1, (a) Tfhat family advertises liquor? (b^ Khat brothers relieve that cough?

(c) What father and son gave their names to a piano?

(d) What sisters give scalp treatment?

(e) What's the best known father and son in business?

2. Over 60 percent of the people of the United States do not use toothbrushes at all* True or false?



(a) get W buy (c) ask

(d) end

(•) lie (f) see

(g) joy (h) eat (i) pay (J) say**

A "dummy* is a more or less acciurate layout of any piece of proposed printing* It may be as accurate as the architect's working blue-prints or as rough as his preliminary sketches* When requesting estimates for production, "dummies" must be accurate, if quotations are to be binding****

6* False* It goes back to Damascus in the days of the Crusaders* 7* The fleur-de-lis. The French were first to open up this trade*

3* In food copy, how would you differentiate between gourmet and gourmand?

4* Fill in city (1) and date (2) in the following i

In 1836 there were only 1500 bath tubs in the TRiited States all in one city: (1)


the first city to install running water and

fight B*0* Not until (2) , was a bath

tub installed in the White House*

What are the oldest living things in the world? (Plural here refers to many of the same thing, not to different items)*

8* It contains small air bubbles which give it buoyancy*

6* What State has the greatest number of farms?

9# In 1612*****


An "em" is the square of the body of type anj point size. When used as measurement of the length of a line of type i* e*, 20 picas wide it really should be expressed as "20 ems of pica wide*" Pica is approximate] 12 point* An em of pica, therefore, is 12 points by 12 points (approximately one-sixth of an inch) . The capital letter M fills the full face of the body of the type and suggests the word em*

An "en" is one-half the width of an "em*" ***

7* What new market new territorial acquisition

was the most recent gained by the U. S?

8* Who bought the Saturday Evening Post for |10,000 in 1897, with a circulation of 2,000 and raised it to 100,000 in 3 years?

9* What State is bordered by only one other?

*"More Profit frOTi Advertising" Goods & Rheinstrom **"Advertising Copy" G* R* Hotchkiss (augmented list) *** W. Arthur Cole, Managing Director, Photo-Ehgravers Board of Trade of N. T* Inc.] **** Presbrey's "History and Development of Advertising"


10* Where is the Hall of Fame?



Answers to Test 5

1* What two magazines pioneered in protecting consumers by fighting fl*audulent advertising?



a) Wilkins

b) Smith

(c) Stein way

(d) Ogilvie

(e) The Fords

2* True. Many do not realize the extent of this market**

3. The former is interested in quality, the latter in quantity,

A. (1) Philadelphia (2) 1850

5. The giant sequoia trees in California, some 3000 to 4.000 years old.

6. Texas - 495,4.39 Miss. - 312,663

7. Virgin Islands, acquired from Denmark in 1917 for $25,000,000.

2. At whose instigation was a model statute made to diseoorage fsraudulent adTertising, drawn up in I9IX?

irhat food and what drink are branded by a picture of the doTil?

i. Give the trade name of these food products t

(a) "It's shot ftom a gun*

(b) Hhat's "ftresh corn off the cob?»

(c) They come from deep in the ocean*

(d) You're told you require it*

(e) What comes in "57" Vairieties?

(f ) What walnuts are named for a Jewel?

(g) What's made in a building with a «*thou8and

windows?" (h) It's all cut up - this breakfast food* (i) It is what some folks get in the pants*

5* The new Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic law has caused almost 100 percent revision of drug labels. True or false?

8* Cyrus H. K. Curtis, founder of the Ladies Home Journal.

9* Maine.

10. New York University University Heights 181st Street and University Avenue New York, N. Y.

6* These new revolutionary products are coming on the advertising horizon 1 Thiokal, Neoprene, Koroseal, Buna ... What are they?

7* What chain of restaurants calls itself "The Nation's Host from Coast to Coast?"

8* For what vegetables are Ifaine and Idaho famous?

9* Advertisers sometimes desire to show the flag of the Uhited States or various official Government insygnia in their advertisements. This is not legally permissible. True or false?

* Printers' Ink Monthly ** Advertising & Selling (May, 1940)

10* What twins advertise a cleansing powder?



Answers to Test 6


!• Ladies Home Journal and Ck>lller*s.

2. Printers' Ink; 25 states hare adopted it substantially as written sereral others with modificiations.*

3. Uhderwood»s Deviled Ham. Pluto Water.

I. (a) Puffed Rice Puffed Uheat.

(b) Niblets.

(c) Forty Fathom Fish«

(d) IMeeda Biscuit.

(e) Heinz Food Products.

(f) Diamond. g) Sunshine Biscuits, h) Shredded Wheat.

(i) Kix.


5. True. A 97 percent revision according to Drug Trade New8.-»»

6. Synthetic Rubber, officered by Dow, Du Pont, Goodrich and Standard Oil Company in their order.

7. Child's. S. Potatoes.

9. True. No flag-waving advertisers. ♦« 10. The Gold Dust Twins.

1. Which of the following figures represents the correct number of national advertisers listed in the McKittrick Directory? 6,000j 8,000; 10,500; 12,000; 15,000.

2. Name 5 products ending in "ex."

3. Which of the following stampings has proved most success- ful in mailings to business men:

(a) li^ pre-cancelled stamp.

(b) 3i stamp.

(c) "562W permit box.

4. What portion of homes have no bath tubs or showers? one-third; one-fourth; one-half; two-thirds.

If you went to a soo, of what advertisements would these animals remind you?

(a) Mountain goat

(b) Fox terrier

(c) Penguin

(d) Eagle

(e) Bull

(f) Mules

(g) Uon (h) Crow

(i) Dromedary

(J) Greyhound

6. What's a "rep?"

7. "When it rains it pours" idiat pours frtien it rains?

8. Where would you have to be to "sleep like a kitten?"

9. When Thomas H. Beck, President of Crowell-Collier Publish- ing Co. sent out an announcement that The American Magazine, Collier's and Woman's Home Companion now offer "Pull-outs," what was he talking about?

Frank P. Baldwin. ♦» Printers' Ink Monthly.


10. (a) What syrup is advertised as coming chiefly from a New England State? (b) What State?


Answers to Test 7


1. 12,000 are listed In the forty-first annual edition of the "McKlttrick Directory of Advertisers**

2* Cut ex, Kotez, Vapez, Tintex, Kleenex, Lastex, Maltex, Craflex, Wlndex, Larvex, Celotex, Pinex,

3* 1^ stamp. 3^ stamp is second •-x*

A. One-third .*»

(a) Great Northern Rallijay

(b) Victor

(c) Kools

(d) Eagle Condensed Milk

(e) Bull Durham

6* Media Representatire*

?• Morton's salt.

(f ) 20 Mule Team Borax

(g) M.G.M* or Lion Condensed Milk (h) Old Crow Ifhiskey

(i) Dates (J) Buses

1. When the man in the control room at a radio broadcast puts his forefinger to his nose, he means s

(a) The program smells*

(b) The performer should move back fl*om the mike<

(c) The program is on time.

(d) Vocalist is off key.

2. Roughly, how many advertising agencies are listed in the Standard Register:

(a) 500 (b) 1,200 (c) 1,800 (d) 2,000

3. What is meant by "keying" an ad?

i^. The Burlington Zephyr, which made its initial run in 1934^, was first to advertise a new type of locomotive power what was it?

5* Which of these was the first advertised automobile ••• Winton, Studebaker, Doryea, Pope-Toledo, Autocar?

8. On the C & 0*

9. "Pull-outs" are 3 to 8 page ads, the first 2 being bound in as usual, the others being folded in, thus expanding 2 pages facing into several pages facing like an accordian.

10* (a) Maple Syrup, (b) Vermont.

6. When the Shell Oil Cootpany offered a free "Stop and Go" game over the radio once only how many would you guess were requested within ^S hours? Correct, if within 50,000.

7. "Oneida, Ltd." is the signature on advertisemmits for 7 (Name product)

8. What is a monochrome?

* Printers' Ink Monthly ** The Ladle - November 1939.

9. What is "The Fourth Estate?"

10« What gives her "The Skin lou Love to Touch?"



Answers to Test 8


!• The program Is on time**

2. 1,800 ♦»

!• Radio stations announce "the following comes to you by electrical transcription •» because they want to co- operate with makers of records. True or false?

3* To give it a special P. O.Box, or Department number, or a special street address* On coupons a code is frequently used, as SEP, meaning Saturday Evening Post* Used to trace source and number of inquiries****

2. Which of the following colors should be avoided in outdoor posters?

(a) yellow (b) purple (c) royal blue (d) mauve

4* The Diesel engine*

3. lifhat magazine gave a prize of |50,000 for its name?

5* Duryea<

6. 3,500,000

7* Community Plate.

^.. How many words are there in an average issue of the daily Times (N.I.)? 50,000; 100,000; 150,000; 200,000.

5. What two descriptive terms does the Outdoor Advertising

Industry advocate instead of the popular term "billboards?"

8* A picture executed in various tints of one color <

9* The press*

6. Which of the following numbers most closely approximate the niimber of radio broadcasting stations in the Iftiited States?

(a) 200; (b) 800; (c) 1,500; (d) 3,000

10* Woodbury's Soap,

7. What do (a) "R.O.P." and (b) "preferred position'mean?

8. What world-famous newspaper has long been called "The Thunderer?"

* Printers' Ink Monthly. ♦♦ Frank P. Baldwin. ♦** Chapter 12, "Advertising As A Career" Page 191, "A Preface to Advertising"


9* Match editors with their magazines by putting keying letters in boxes:

(a) Ito. L. Chenery

(b) Henry R. Luce

c) Sumner Blossom

d) Wesley W. Stout (e) Fulton Oursler



Saturday Evening Post


Collier »s


10. What is the definition of "milline rate?"



Answers to Test 9


!• False. It*s a law,*

2* Purple and mauve. Both tend to fade when exposed to the sun.»

3. Liberty,

!♦ Paraphrase these into ciorrent slogan si

(a) "Hurry, Priscilla, my musket,"

(b) "He must have on BVD's"

(c) "Of him who hath, seek knowledge."

(d) "Heated to a crispy degree."

(e) "It makes juvenile tears flow."

(f) "It's all over this terrestrial sphere."

U. 150,000.

5. Poster panels and painted bulletins,**

6. (b) 8001^

7. (a) R.O.P. stands for run of paper that is, the publisher's option as to what page tne ad appears.

(b) "Preferred position" means specified on a certain page and/or location thereon, and usually sold at a premium.

2, Of what advertising copy forms or techniques do the following prominent persons remind you?

(a) Gypsy Rose Lee

(b) Jim Farley

(c) Faith Bacon

3. Hfhere did the word "slogan" originate?

4.. "Look for the Red and miite label" is the identi- fication of ithat food product? This sentence appears in eijch of its ads.

8. London Times.

9. (b) Life

(d) Saturday Evening Post

(e) Liberty (a) Collier's (c) American

10. Cost per line per million circulation,

5. If you're writing copy addressed to brides, how long after she's married can you so address her?

6. "Certainty, Security, Celerity." Ifhose slogan is it?

?• Why are some Cannon towels called "Turkish?"

(a) Who founded the Annual Advertising Awards? (b) ?lho sponsors them?

* Printers' Inl* Mon "Uay. ** Frank P. Baldwin.

Prof. Copeland of Harvard says: "In every purchase

we exercise only % of reason and % of

emotion." (Fill in figures).

10. "Too Buckeye" what does that criticism of adver- tising mean?

1 1



§iipH^ifi»^ -mm^ji'-igr .

' ■* : ! i

Answers to Test 10

1. (a) "Quick Henry, the Flit." ("Flit")

(b) "You JTXfit know she wears them." (Van Raalte)

(c) "Ask the man who owns one." (Packard)

(d) "It's toasted" (Lucky Strikes)

(e) "Children Cry for it." (Castoria)

(f) "It covers the Earth." (Sherwin-Williams Paint)

2. (a) Strip

(b) Mail order

(c) Balloons

3, As a Scottish war-cry: "Slaugh-ghairm. "

i^* Campbell Soups.

For one year, according to custom.

6. That of the U. S. Post Office.

?• Formerly this type was exported to Turkey for use as turbans.

(a) This idea originated with Edward Bok, former Editor of Ladies Home Journal and was originally called "The Harvard Advertising Awards." (b) Advertising & Selling.


1. When you tell an engraver to strip, just irtiat do you mean?

2. Each answer to the following questions is a word ending in "type."

(a) What "type" is made by a process of depositing copper on the siurface of a wax or lead mold?

(b) !?hat "type is transmitted by wire?

(c) What "type" produced by an electrolytic process is harder and more durable than those of copper?

(d) What "type", cast or engraved in one type body usually becomes so well identified that it is repeated without change for long periods of time?

(e) What "type" is cast a line at a time?

3. Altering the photograph of a person for use in an adver- tisement does not. relieve the advertiser of responsibility

for violating the right of privacy. True or false?

4-. There are about 500 type faces currently in use in America. True or false?

"Male and Female" in engraving refers to:

(a) Name of positive and negative

(b) Name of interlocking type

(c) Embossing dies

(d) Type of mailing permits

6. In color separation photography (preliminary to making color plates), each of the three primary colors (red, yellow,

Mj^ e»««n) is separated by photographing through a filter com- posed of the other two colors. True or false?

7. What dessert do all printers hate?

15% of reason. S5% of emotion.

10« Blatant type in big black masses, little white space. Often no picture, or one that is crude.

8. Is a "comprehensive" layout one in which all elements are completed art work, ready for the engraver?

9. What is the maximum size of a coupon permitted by the postal laws in a magazine or newspaper advertisement?

(a) one-half of a page (c) One-quarter of the

(b) one-half of the advertisement advertisement

(d) 3 in. X 5 in.

10* Why are typography experts eilwayB crabbing about widows?

Frank P. Baldwin.



inawers to Test 11


!• To strip together several photographic negatlTes**

1. Split-run copy testing is a method of testing an adver- tisement in two different publications. True or false?

2* (a) electrotype

(b) teletype

(c) nickeltype (steel type)

(d) logotype

(e) linotype **

3* True. If the person is recognizable in any way, responsibility is established For example , a ballplayer once sued and won because his stance at the plate was identifiable. ***

4.* False. ConserratiTe estimates indicate about 3,000^**f^

5. Embossing dies. ***♦

2. In consumer opinion test, it is vitfiil that you submit your advertisements to people of sufficient intelligence and knowledge to rate them fairly. True or false?

In an insurance ad, which of these headlines paid best?

(a) Here's one question you shouldn't ask your wife.

(b) Get rid of money worries for good*

4,. For advertising a home study course in business which of these headlines would create the most interest?

(a) To the man who is 35 and dissatisfied.

(b) Here's the proof that this training pays financially.

True. ***

7. Pie to pie a form means to drop it on the floor.*

5. Which of these headlines paid three times better than the other for an insurance company?

(a) Advice to wives whose husbands don't save money*

(b) Are you playing fair with your wife?


8. No. A ** comprehensive" is finished as to proportions and elements to be used but contains no finished art work.-iHHf

9. One-half of a page. For some reason no advertiser seems to have taken advantage of a large-size coupon •*<(*

10. Because so often there's copy that makes one single, short word carry-over to a single line, as is shown here.

6. Below are two headlines which were tested by a book pub- lisher. KThich was the more successful one?

(a) Are you afraid of making mistakes in Etiquette?

(b) Do you make these mistakes in Etiquette?

7. The effectiveness of an advertisement usually increases in direct proportion to its size. True or false?

8. "Gutter" position is preferred by most advertisers. True or false?


* James V. Farrell ♦» Frank P. Baldwin ♦** Printers' Ink Monthly Mwxx jnles Scherer

9. Name three words that were coined from surnames. Example t Listerine, Ampere*

10. If you were the editor of a class magazine, how would you define "Hoi Polloi"?



Anaswers to Test 12

!• False. Split-run copy tests check the results of two different advertisements run In the scime edition where one advertisement appears In a certain number of copies and the other advertise- ment in the remainder, generally a 50-50 division •♦

2. False. The requisite for a good Judge in an opinion test is

that the person be as nearly as possible a typical buyer or prospect of the product advertised.*

(b) Get rid of money worries for good***

A* (a) To the man n^o is 35 and dissatisfied.**

5, (a) Advice to wives whose husbands don't save money.**


1. Six of these women are famous for a certain common Interest. What is it? Which ones are they?

(a) Lady Grodlva

(b) Mary T. Goldman (cS Cleopatra

(d) Ogilvle Sisters

(e) Mme. Recamler

(f ) Seven Sutherland Sisters

(g) Mme. Berthe. (h) Mme. Pompadour (1) Lily Langtry (j) Pocohontas

2. There are more homes with telephones than homes with radios, in the United States. True or false?

3. When over 3»000 readers of "Young America" were asked *»What is your favorite candy?" Name which made the poorest showings

(a) Milky Way

(b) Oh Henry

(c) Hershey

(d) Baby Ruth

(e) Nestles

(b) Do you make these mistakes in Etiquette?**

4,. What State has the longest coast line?

7, False. Accounts for the use of "shrapnel" advertisements.**

B. False. Advertisers usually prefer an outside position.

5. There are approximately 20 million children in the United States between the ages of 6 and 13* True or false?

9. Sandwich, volt, watt, mackintosh, davenport, galvanize, mesmerize, sanforize, ampere, fletcherism, giiillotine, wistaria, pasteurize.

6. Less than one-third of the families in the United States own their own homes. True or false?

10. The masses. The common people. Those not interested in your class magazine.

7. The world's present population is about 3> 500,000,000. True or false?

Women buy three times as many black shoes as all other colors combined. True or false?

9* How many motor vehicles are registered in the United States?

* Printers' Ink Monthly ** John Caples' "Tested Advertising Methods"

10, In a U. S. survey for a snow-shoe maker, in what state would one find the deepest snow-fall?



inawere to Teet 13


!• Their interests Ha,ir«

(a) Lady Godiva

(b) llary T. Goldman (d) Ogilvie Sisters

(f ) Seven Sutherland Sisters

(g) Ifene. Berthe (h) Ifme. Pompadour

1, flhat magazine has capitalised on the claim that it has no appeal for "The Old Lady from Dubuqae?"

2. In «Te Giftie Shoppee" and "Te Olde Hamburger Shoppee" what does "Xe" stand for?

2m False. A fact to be considered in using data from telephone surreye of radio programs**

3. Hershey. ***

4,* Florida*

5* True. Uany people do not realize the extent of this market**

6. False AB percent own their own homes, an interesting figure considering the urban concentrations of populations •♦

?• False. Just over 2,000,000,CXX).

8* True* **

What is plagiarism?

YOaere does the word "fortune" come from?

5. Up to what year 1875-1885-1895-1905-1915-1925 could you have seen an ad like this in any leading Hew York paper?

"A sweet, dainty little passion flower from a land where there is no snow in April, dire distressed, will marry non-hard-times man. Address Box ."

6* Ihat magazine was founded by Benjamin Franklin?

7. A corset, a pencil and an automobile polish are named eifter what masterpiece in the Louvre?

9. 30,710,000 vehicles according to Automobile Manufacturers Association*

8. What two so-called primary colors mixed together make green?

10» In Ctdifomia. In Sierra Nevada Mountains.

9. There are now more daily newspapers than weekly True or false?

Printers* Ink Monthly. C. E. Nelson (authority of Tanners* Council of America)

•tHHf loung America Surrey*

10* Who says "I»Be in town, honey?'



Answerg to Test L^


1* The Hew Torker*

2. The

The taking and iise of </